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Born in Detroit, raised in America. As the daughter of an active duty member of the Coast Guard, traveling and moving to new places makes up a good portion of my childhood. Today I attend Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, working towards getting my BFA.
When I'm not drawing, painting, or working on classwork, I'm likely reading or enjoying the medium I want to create in the future: video games.

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Interboro High School

Graduated in 2017 in the top 10% of my class with all honors.

Delaware County Community College

Delaware County Community College is where I took classes during high school and where I take supplementary classes during the Summer.

Moore College of Art and Design

I am currently a third year student at Moore working towards a major in Animation & Game Arts and a minor in Business.

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Exploring the Arts

While my area of expertise will be animation and game arts upon graduating from Moore, I also have experience with other mediums of art outside of my intended major. In addition to curriculum provided at school, I have also developed skills involved with crafting, and am fully trained on every piece of equipment available at the college- the laser cutter, 3D printer, digital embroidery machine, and tools located in the wood shop. All of the images provided here are my own drawings, paintings, and sculptures.


3D Work

3D work involves every piece of art created that occupies more than a 2D environment- sculpture, mixed media, crafting, and so on. The piece on the left was created utilizing a laser cutter, and I have many other creations made with the technology available at Moore. While I enjoy utilizing the machines, I also pursue more traditional methods of crafting, especially crochet.


Concept Design

A facet of the commercial art industry, concept design is the most creative process involved with telling a story and getting to  a finished product. From individual characters to entire worlds, concept design is the first step artists take when working on movies, video games, and even commercial products.

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Drawing & Illustration

When most people hear the term 'artist', traditional drawing and illustration is likely what they think of first. The ability to replicate something in the real world or imagination onto canvas or paper is a skill that I've been developing since I could hold a pencil. Continued practice in live drawing ensures that the art I create on digital platforms remains inspired, accurate, and fresh.

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